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This post will highlight the initial feedback 52 of you gave in regards to the refreshed…but first some random and unrelated analytics:

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring has a 91% Tomatometer rating
  • President Obama currently has a 52% approval rating according to the most recent Gallup Poll numbers
  • Congress currently has a 17% approval rating according to the most recent Gallup Poll numbers
  • The Village only has a 44% Tomatometer rating (and that one makes me pretty sad)

I am definitely not a statistician and I can neither confirm nor deny that stats, math, or numbers in general are–or are not–my friends. (But I am proud to admit that one time–and I think one time only–I was the only one in my university stats class that had the answer to the question the professor posed. What can I say, flukes happen on those 50/50 questions…)

Now the percentages I threw out above obviously have nothing to do with the survey we posted asking for initial feedback on the new other than it is always interesting to see numbers and ratings for various things and it was the only sweet lead-in I could think of. (Plus I am hoping to spread the positive word for The Village to increase their rating :O)

The refreshed has been live for almost two weeks now and I was hoping for at least 50 total responses by the end of this week and we are actually sitting at 52. (Now is that enough to be statistically relevant? I don’t know, but in my non-statistician mind 50 (+2) is a good number for whatever unknown reason.) I appreciate everyone taking some time to explore the new site and then taking a few seconds to provide some feedback. Google Forms makes it easy to collect such data and below are screenshots the form magically produced for me:


There were not a lot of in-betweeners on the two scaled questions that asked for happy levels on the new look and feel and the mobile functionality of the new which I found interesting. Perhaps mentally I was expecting more even feedback but the 52 that replied either were pretty happy (71%) or not-so-happy (22%) with the few remaining in-between. I am not sure what percent I was hoping for, but obviously the desire is to try and help the 22% find greater happiness with

The mobile happiness question was the most surprising to me. About 70% of those that responded were happy with the fact that the new is magically responsive in design and adjusts itself to the screen size of whatever device you’re using…I thought this percentage would have been higher especially considering the “old” was, well, not a happy experience on mobile devices (especially on a smartphone…yikes). If you are one of the near 18% unhappy mobile customers, I would appreciate your specific feedback as to the why for the unhappy mobile experience.

Hindsight is a great teacher and it taught me two things after shaking its head: 1) I should have asked a follow-up to the were-you-able-to-find-what-you-were-looking-for question in the form that had you report what you could not find and 2) while at it I should not have assumed that a contact us request would have been submitted by those that were not able to find what they were looking for.

So in honor of hindsight…please do that now. If you are not able to find something on the new that you think should be there, please let us know so we can either add the content or if it’s already on the site, help you find it. (And if you haven’t tried it yet, the site has a pretty good search function in the upper right (or on top when mobile)).

We want the district site to be as effective and attractive as we can make it for everyone and we really do appreciate those that took the time to explore the site and then give some quick feedback.

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