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Parent Insight: Aspire

This month we are focusing on getting parent feedback in relation to Aspire–please take a few minutes and complete this survey:

Parent Insight Survey for Aspire


NetSafe Resources

The internet is __________ (fill in the blank)…

Whatever your answer, we know that the internet is awesome and not-so-awesome bundled into one. It has changed how we live and interact with each other in marvelous ways but is so wide-open that there is a lot that most of us would deem undesirable mingled with all that is so good. So how to you learn to use the internet? Well, it takes a lot of practice and guidance from parents, schools, and other organizations.

Utah Education Network (UEN) has partnered with state and national organizations to produce a program called NetSafe which is designed for students of all ages, parents, and educators to try and help provide just a few resources on learning digital citizenship and how to use the internet safely. Embedded below you will find a few presentations which NetSafe has put together:

For Parents
For K-3
For 4-6
For 7-12


What other resources do you wonder about, wish you knew more about, etc. when it comes to technology and your children? Let us know here!